handyman services in costa mesa, ca

7 Services You Can Call a Handyman to Complete

Need work done around the house? Before you call a contractor, consider if a handyman can do the work instead. A handyman can take care of so many services in the home and he does so at a fraction of the price you would otherwise pay. What type of handyman services in costa mesa, ca can you expect? Take a look at 7 popular handyman services below, although the list is considerably longer.

1.    Painting: Indoor or outdoor, a handyman can splash the paint on and make your home a little more enjoyable. You can enhance curb appeal with a coat of paint outside the home or make the indoors more lively.

2.    Deck: If you are without a deck on your home, it is time to install one as soon as you can. It is the perfect place to get together for fun or relaxation or hang by yourself for a spell.

handyman services in costa mesa, ca

3.    Gutter Cleaning: Annual gutter cleaning prevents a lot of trouble with the home. A handyman does it at a cost considerably less than you’d pay elsewhere.

4.    Power Washing: Give the exterior of the home a fresh look with power washing service. It removes dirt, grime, and other debris and can also take care of areas like the roof, garage, and sidewalks.

5.    Bathroom Remodeling: Unhappy with the bathroom style? Make a change with help from a handyman who can update the flooring, add backsplash, add new countertops, and so much more.

6.    Lighting: We can do great things in our home with new lighting. It provides more natural lighting and more. Call a handyman if you want new lighting but hate the idea of paying so much for it.

7.    Flooring: Your home will look amazing with new flooring in one room or in them all. Carpet, tile, linoleum and tons of other options are available.