best garage floor epoxy

What Products Should You Use On Your Garage Floors?

The garage floor is typically a concrete slab that we really don’t pay attention to.  In most cases it is covered up with junk, gets dirty, gets wet and is unprotected from the elements.  As a result, we just leave it alone unless we want to convert the garage into a different type of room, or we need to do some repairs.  Here are a few products that you can consider using on your garage floor.


best garage floor epoxy

Epoxy is going to be a great product to use on your floor since it helps coat and seal your floor.  When looking for the best garage floor epoxy, consider how much square footage you want to cover and what add-ons and upgrades you will do to the floor as well.


Carpet is a good idea if you are going to be using the room as an office or if you are going to convert it into a closed in room.  Depending on where you live, you might keep your car outside and not in the garage.  In this situation, adding carpet or even a few rugs to the floor will add a different level of usefulness to the room.

Oil and grease remover

If you are using the garage as workstation or if you have issues with stuff falling on the ground you will want to consider using oil and or grease remover.  These products will break down the substances on the floor and pull them out of the pours of the floor.  When using these products make sure that the room is well ventilated and that you follow the directions on the products exactly.

You will also want to consider eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals as well. When working with these products you need to know how they will be removed from the garage with the oil and other compounds.  Washing them out with the hose will just have them run into the ground which isn’t what you want or into the street which causes even more issues.