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Challenges of Ceramic Implants

Though Ceramic/Zirconia implants come with several benefits, they also have a couple of disadvantages. Before you get a dental implant in Tampa, it is imperative to understand these cons. With ceramic implants, there’s always a risk of fracture. It is because of their one-piece design. Therefore, it makes more sense to be fully aware of it first and then go ahead with it.

It would be best to compare the pros and cons of both types of implants before landing on a decision. Are you sure that those ceramic implants are the viable choice? Read these challenges before you proceed!

Challenges of Ceramic Implants 

Many professional implant surgeons believe that ceramic implants are apt for only a single tooth replacement.

There are many drawbacks of using ceramic/zirconia dental implants. You can read the disadvantages of using a ceramic implant below:

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·    One of the significant drawbacks of using ceramic is that it is prone to low-temperature degradation as they age.

·    With age, the ceramic implants become less tough and dense. Besides, aging can also take a toll on the strength and functionality of ceramic implants.

·    There are no clinical studies to show the success rate of ceramic implants.

·    It is very tricky to achieve a perfect positioning for a one-piece ceramic implant.

·    Zirconia or ceramic implants are more costly than titanium implants.

·    The ceramic implants tend to look artificial at times.

·    One-piece ceramic implants are less flexible as opposed to two-piece titanium implants.

The Bottom Line

Ceramic implants come with both perks and drawbacks. Though all treatments have the same nature, it is up to you to make a choice. It is better to act according to the recommendation of your dentist.

To better understand, you can also talk to a patient who has previously used ceramic implants. It would help if you understood all your choices before proceeding with the treatment.